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Ancestral healing therapy 


This is one of the most fascinating branches of energy healing that is now gaining an increase in recognition.  A significant part of our life’s blueprint stems from our genetic inheritance. 


In many cultures, both modern and primitive, a great deal of attention is given to the ancestral family line, for the ancestors were seen as having a direct link with the spiritual world and therefore in a position to bring positive benefit to present generations.

We in this day and age can learn a great deal from the character and experiences of our parents, grandparents and great grandparents and how they shape our lives in all sorts of subtle ways.  In healing imbalances passed down by our ancestral line is crucial to our health and wellbeing.

“At a spiritual level, time and space impose no restrictions, in a sense your ancestors are living concurrently through you.”



Ancestral healing therapy recognises the importance of inherited traits from past generations which continue to affect us today.  Through learning to connect with these energies from the past we can free up and balance their impact on our lives and on the lives of future generations. 


'Recent scientific findings in the study of genetics show that a far greater range of psychological traits are passed down through the generations than was previously acknowledged.'



Healing ones family tree



In today’s society how many of us think about or even remember our grandparents, let alone our great grandparents. In biblical times the Bible talked about the sins of the fathers "even unto the third and fourth generation" that is to say your great great grandparents.


If we consider that ones physical body is composed of a matrix of energy vibrations at a dense level then your life force is similarly composed of vibrations at a very fine level.  All the other parts of you from emotions, thoughts, feelings, intuitions, and ego are energy patterns generically passed down.


Ancestral healing therapy can be applied to all sorts of conditions stemming from ones ancestral tree. For instance, if you are suffering from arthritis and there is a predisposition for arthritis in your family you can move back to an earlier ancestor who suffered from this complaint.   


Ancestral clearing can be repeated in this manner until you have removed all past blocked traumas to healing and until a balance of energies is restored to all the main ancestors. They will then become an integrated aspect of yourself and freed of any blocks that you might be carrying.

Within all ancestral healing as soon as you free blocks within yourself at this level it immediately releases this dynamic for your children, if you have any, so in a way you are also healing future generations, for each parent is potentially a great grandparent to a future generation.   There can be other things we experience that have come down through the family line or things that we experience in this life that stop us being true to ourselves and in living a fulfilling, happy life.

For example, a trauma from a grand-parent, may affect the life of a grandchild, in this instance healing the ancestor first will clear the path for energy being re-integrated within the grandchild. 


Healing genetic patterns


There can be other things we experience that have come down through the family line or things that we experience in this life that stop us being true to ourselves and in living a fulfilling, happy life.

Your genetic patterning may therefore determine much of the way you handle your life and even some of the major milestones that you meet.  For this reason a growing interest in healing the ancestral background based upon the notion that the imbalances of the fathers/mothers can exist even until the third and fourth generation.

There have been accounts of individuals remembering a death from a wound in a previous life and finding a scar on their body in exactly the same place in this life. This suggests that the soul has a power to affect the genetic structure of the body.  It may indeed be able to draw out specific patterning from the genes of the parents so making a conscious choice on the life to be led.  

  Examples of indicators for ancestral healing therapy are:

§   troubled relationships such as reoccurring patterns of failed relationships

§   Unfounded phobias

§   psychological and emotional conditions such as depression within family

§   Feelings of not being good enough

§   Lack of self-esteem and social acceptance

§   Hereditary illness

§   generic physical ailments

§   Anger and aggression traits

§   Childhood trauma and memories

§   Stuck in the past and not accepting the future

§   Lack of motivation

§   forgiveness in relation to releasing past trauma



Everyone's experience of Ancestral healing is unique and individual to their own ancestral line and clients have reported positive results in leaving behind blocks to a clearer happier path, increase in motivation and general wellbeing.

All the above have been successfully treated through ancestral healing.  We work with   our clients in a relaxed healing environment clearing energy imbalances in the ancestral line.   Emotional, mental and physical symptoms are treated through the use of different energy vibrational techniques.

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