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Understanding the Healing Crisis

Many clients report after receiving energy therapy dramatic fundamental changes within their lives and often an increase in the pace of their lives.  95% of the time this change is fundamentally positive with renewed energy and enthusiasm for life in general.  When energy blocks have been removed clients have reported the underlying need to resolve loose ends within their lives and an increase in the pace enabling them to achieve a far greater deal.   Like ripples within the water the changes are far reaching.


In working with Energy Therapy, we have found time and time again that it works at a far deeper level in healing.  Thus revealing to the client unresolved conflicts and negative feelings, often connected to events that have happened in the past or with people they have known a long time.  In releasing these feelings of dissociation, emotions and negativity some also report physical symptoms such as flue like signs, headaches, etc. 

This is caused by the fact that when people really begin to heal themselves, their lives become affected on levels far deeper than the physical or mental/emotional symptoms about which they are concerned.  Many parts of our lives have a connection to the root problem in some way, so that when the problem starts to heal, major readjustment is required that causes the flow of energy to be disrupted in areas other than where the symptoms existed internally.

To give an example: if a client has a financial problem, often what needs to change goes beyond just moving to a better job.  There are normally deeper issues involved such as their attitude towards their peers or parents which in turn may be connected to issues of responsibility, discipline, learning, handling rejection and so on. 



This deeper level of healing and clearing of energy which is taking place is known as the 'healing crisis.' 

When the healing of the financial problem begins, all these areas become affected and so all the old stored negative feelings towards them will surface so that they can be dealt with and released as part of the healing.  In addition, all the habitual patterns of thought, feeling and action connected to these areas will need to be stimulated into being reorganised as well.

Whenever changes take place, even if they are good, it takes time to adjust so that the various part of the person’s life that were connected to the problem area can get used to the new, more healthy condition.  During this time, things can be quite confusing and seem as though they are getting worse.

A healing crisis can be compared to redecorating your home and replacing old furniture with new.  During the whole process of removing the old furnishings and bringing in the new, your home will be in a temporary state of turmoil and will not be comfortable to live in.  Often hidden dust, cobwebs and damage might appear that was previously hidden from site.  However, after the dust and grime has been cleared and the new put in place the house will look and feel more welcoming than before, both for you and those closest to you.

The same can be said for personal healing after energy therapy, things may become uncomfortable and confusing before your healing is complete.  However, after things settle down, it will be clear that important shifts have taken place.  So be aware, if you are experiencing any of these uncomfortable things, it is very likely that major healing is taking place.  Remember that once these healing crises have taken place you will feel healthier and filled with greater joy, clarity and fulfilment.   Just continue to remind yourself to trust in the healing process and release all negative feelings in order for your healing to complete.

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