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 clinical Hypnotism

For the vast majority of our clients, clinical hypnotism can offer truly life changing transformations in a short-time frame. (Each session is typically one and half hours and an average course of treatment will comprise three sessions – although some conditions will respond more rapidly).


Clinical Hypnotism offers a rapid turnaround for clients whose condition may have endured for many years.

Having first carried out a detailed assessment of the challenge(s) facing the client, clinical hypnosis is then used to communicate directly with the unconscious mind.  Bypassing the conscious mind means that a new direct and unobstructed channel of communication is opened. 

In this way fresh positive approaches and strategies can be communicated to the client opening up the opportunity for their mind to respond in a newly constructive manner when faced with challenges which may in the past have seemed overwhelming.

To achieve the best possible results, it is essential that clients fully engage with the treatment and to this end, post hypnotic suggestions and exercises may be employed to help reinforce the work done under hypnosis.

The results can be startlingly effective – particularly in the treatment of phobias and related conditions. Indeed in the majority of cases in which what is required is a change in behaviour or response.

Pain Free          

Drug free

 No Side effects   

 Feel Good    

Smile again          

 Enjoy Life 

 overall wellbeing 



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All our therapists adhere to a professional code of conduct and our aim is to give all our clients the highest quality of professional treatments that will benefit your overall wellbeing and peace of mind.


 what can be treated with hypnotherapy?

Because it employs the power of the client’s own mind, we believe very strongly in the association between client and therapist and through this working relationship we have successfully treated a wide range of situations, including:

Chronic Fatigue  §  Anxiety Disorders § Panic Attacks §  Stress §   Phobias & Fears   § Compulsive Behaviour   § Severe Trauma   § Building Self Confidence   § Improving Concentration §  Self Sabotage   § Forgiveness   § Overcoming Shyness § Chronic Pain § Embarrassment   § Pain Relief  § Pain Management  § Fear of Height § Nerves   § Pubic Speaking  § Obsessive Behaviour  § Anger Management   § Troubled Childhood   § Road Rage  § Motivation § Self Hate  § Stop Negative Thoughts   § Fear of Crowds  § Social Phobia  § Examination Fears 


This list is not exhaustive and if yours is a problem not included simply e-mail us for a discrete response as to our ability to help - we will endeavor to help you! 

enquiries@azure-therapies.com or call us on 0845 050 9677

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