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Negative energy release therapy 


Negative energy release therapy works in restoring natural balance throughout the body. We identify and clear imbalances and blocks to healing within the bodies own energy matrix. This is achieved by treating specific meridian points throughout the body and rebalancing any flaws or blocks within the chakra fields.

Science has shown us that energy flows from the stronger force to the weaker. This theory applies throughout nature where the dominant force will override the weaker elements. Within individuals this concept also applies and it is important to be aware that one of the reasons that you might sometimes feel drained of energy in the company of another is because that person’s energy can be much depleted, enabling them to unconsciously tap into and draw off your energy. This is particularly evident when individuals are suffering from illness such as depression, physical and mental fatigue, or low mood swings that have no distinct identified source.  

Negative energy release therapy recognises that we inherit traits from past generations on a spiritual level as well as a genetic one. Emotional, mental and physical problems can all be treated through clearing energy imbalances in the ancestral line.

We attract and interact with so many different individuals daily that we are unconsciously tapping into their energies.
Like radio stations we are picking up radio waves constantly and often amongst these waves we experience static interference which can unbalance our own energy matrix.   We may start our day in a positive frame of mind and unknowingly come into contact with an individual who is transmitting a bad signal, which is inadvertently transmitted over.   It is an exchange of energy we do not always want.
 Examples of indicators for energy release therapy are:  
  • Anxiety, stress and mood swings that seem out of character
  • Concentration and memory problems which are not normal to the person
  • Multiple personalities, switching between various behaviour patterns
  • Depression, loss of energy for no apparent reason
  • Shock, bereavement and panic attacks which can leave one feeling vulnerable
  • Suicidal urges which happen suddenly and for no apparent reason
  • Substance, alcohol, food abuse and or self harming
  • Phantom illnesses with no apparent reason
  • Continuous, repeating nightmares which can cause insomnia or fear of going to bed
  • Feelings of being watched, or hearing voices
  • Lack of self confidence
  • You may get angry for no reason
  • being unhappy without a direct understanding or reason why
  • have a general negative outlook on life
  • Extreme unexplained tiredness  

All of these are indications that you have a problem to resolve that is based around the Chakra energy fields being under physic attack.

 Releasing energy blocks to healing Energy flows within the body through channels called meridians and through our main energy centres, aligned down the spine. These energy centres or chakras (a Sanskrit word for ‘wheel’) absorb and emit life force energy. Each Chakra governs an area of our body together with specific emotional issues. Good health and emotional well-being depend on the free flow of energy through the body’s meridians and chakras.
  Unbalanced and blocked chakras = illness                                                                                                                  Unbalanced and blocked meridians = illness       


Poor health can result when these energies are blocked.  The blockages or imbalances can have physical causes such as poor nutrition, drugs, or injury, and/or emotional causes such as shock, trauma, grief or negative thinking.  When we are born we can have a perfect balance of energy flow or we may carry an imbalance from our past lives which we bring through our life force.  Chakras and meridians can also become blocked by long held negative states, rigid thought patterns, negative motions and toxins etc, which if not release can lead to physical imbalances.

 Restoring natural energy flow 


Negative energy release therapy works at clearing blockages and disturbances held at a physical, energy and spiritual level enabling the natural flow of vibration to heal all psychic attack at an emotional, mental or physical level.

We work with our clients in a relaxed healing environment clearing symptoms where imbalances exist. Emotional, mental and physical problems are treated through the use of different energy vibrational techniques.

We identify the emotions, mental and physical blocks by communicating directly through applied Kinesiology, muscle test.  We receive answers to specific questions which is either a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.  In linking directly to your 'psychic' we can also call upon your own self-healing forces to tune in to a specific symptom and project an energy pattern that can help you re-adjust your own balances when, for whatever reason these have become distorted.

Projecting a healing energy is controlled by conscious thought, through the work undertaken by the therapist and client.  Thus, releasing blocks and disturbances requires an intention to heal and visualisation which both play an important part.

Often an Illness is usually a sign for us, or those around us, to learn higher or past lessons.  You are given intuition and hints all of the time about what you should be doing and how you should be living, but we often ignore the words from our higher selves.

Negative energy release therapy enables you to regain inner balance allowing you to once more listen to your inner self and in promoting natural wellbeing.  This treatment continues to grow in popularity as clients report a noticeable increase in motivation, happiness and general health.


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