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Parts field Therapy

Parts Field Therapy incorporates codes to help eliminate emotional blocks to healing physical, emotional or toxin conditions held within the body and its own energy field, thus enabling the body to regain inner balance, self healing and overall wellbeing.

Parts Field Therapy (PFT) came about from the research and work conducted in energy psychotherapy by Ravinder and her colleague Charles Stone. Our work within Parts Field Therapy has revealed to us time and time again that it works at a much deeper level of healing. This form of healing takes place at cellular, generic and energy level, frequently revealing to the client unresolved conflicts and negative feelings often connected to events that have happened in childhood or earlier. Many clients have reported after receiving Parts Field Therapy, dramatic fundamental changes within their lives and often an increase in the general pace. This is essentially a positive change with renewed energy and enthusiasm for life and an overall feeling of wellbeing.

Ravinder states ‘Parts Field Therapy is a unique method of working as we are able to remove the impact of a past trauma, without conscious awareness by identifying and correcting energy imbalances throughout the body and its field, as a result the client does not have to relive the trauma and is therefore unlikely to be re-traumatised by the original event. From working in this manner we have developed a reliable, structured, therapy procedure that relies on energetic balance flow recognition.’

Under the banner of the Energy Therapy Training Centre, ETTC we have development a structured methodology in which Parts Field Therapy can be utilised by other trained Therapist.

Parts Field Therapy removes all blocks to healing in a calm and relaxing way.

Unlike traditional therapies, Parts Field Therapy requires no re-traumatisation, no remembering and no reliving of the trauma.

How does it work?

Parts Field Therapy takes Energy Psychotherapy (EFT & TFT) a step forward and adds to our knowledge of how we can work on emotional and physical problems that affect our well being, through the use of Energy. Almost all forms of chronic non-healing illnesses have significant dissociative aspects that are blocking healing. Parts Field Therapy is a method of dealing with dissociation, trauma and unresolved emotions trapped within the body and its internal parts.

Research has shown that the body holds wounded parts, consisting of beliefs and emotions which can overflow, causing the physical body symptoms or emotions that have no distinctive memory attached to them. Often chronic illness is the body’s attempt at communication. We all have a preferred organ whereby the unconscious tries to communicate. That organ becomes the most vulnerable part within the body.

What is your organ of communication through which your unconscious attempts to communicate?


Chronic Fatigue

Acute Physical Pain

Skin disorders

Bowel problems


Lack of energy


Breathing problems

Sexual Dysfunction

This is the first signal that the body is under stress.

Indicators that your body may require Parts Therapy include:

  • physical or emotional issues that seem to have no definite origins but refuse to heal,
  • frequent unexplained physical pain or viral or bacterial infections,
  • environmental illness and chemical sensitivities,
  • auto-immune problems,
  • seeming self-sabotage,
  • severe trauma at an early age,

Unlike traditional therapies, Parts Therapy requires no re-traumatisation, no remembering, and no reliving of the trauma; hence it removes all blocks to healing in a calm and relaxing way.

Another common indicator that parts therapy is needed is repeating a pattern of failed relationships, particularly love relationships, with the same personality types over and over. Research has shown this often comes out of early abuse by an opposite-sex perpetrator; where the victim continues to be attracted to others of a similar personality in efforts to unconsciously heal the original perpetrator.

Chronic non-healing issues involve a belief at a cellular level that the world is a dangerous place. Traditional therapies require the person to remember and relive all aspects of the original trauma until it no longer carries a charge. This is often very traumatic for both the client and therapist. Today, using Parts Therapy, we can undo traumas in a few treatment sessions that would take traditional methods at least two years of 90 minute sessions, twice a week.


Once you know
how to work with your internal parts, they are
an enormous
aid to healing.

Internal parts are a phenomenal resource for survival; they help us survive the unsurvivable. Often resulting in dissociation which is very common; the vast majority of us have internal parts protecting us from emotional and physical harm. When this happens, often the person is confused and begins a logical search for a “here and now” cause that does not exist.

Over the years, Parts Therapy has proved capable of creating change where other therapies have failed. And, just as with TFT and EFT, you do not have to talk about anything you feel uncomfortable with, which makes this a very remarkable therapy indeed.

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