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azure therapies is founded on the philosophy that when we feel safe within our own bodies and environment we are then able to move from a place of fear and
protection to one of healing and growth.

We at azure believe there is no one specific way to heal for we are all unique individuals with our own natural balance consisting of a matrix of energy enabling us to function. It is only when this natural balance is disturbed we find holes in our energy matrix causing us sickness. As a result when we seek out the right solution or healing therapy we need to find the system that best suits each specific individual need: the only "correct" system of healing is the one that works for you.

Ravinder established azure therapies after successfully qualifying in Clinical Hypnosis. After practising as a Hypnotherapist and Reiki healer for a number of years Ravinder went on to combine Callaghan Thought Field Therapy (TFT) into her practice after experiencing how effective it was at working in eliminating phobias and emotional traumas trapped within the body, through tapping on specific meridian points, clearing negative emotions within minutes.

Ravinder trained and qualified as a TFT practitioner under the tuition of Charles Stone, TFTdx who now works along side her in advancing their existing knowledge of energy psychotherapy.

It is through Ravinder’s keen interest in discovering and learning more efficient methodologies of helping people suffering from chronic disorders, that she, along with her colleague Charles, formulated a reliable, structured, therapy procedure known as Parts Field Therapy.

‘Parts Field Therapy has enabled us at azure to help clients suffering from chronic symptoms that refuse to heal at an emotional, mental and physical level, and which other forms of therapy have had little or no impact on. Symptoms we have been able to help range from severe reoccurring pain that has no real origin to continuous conditions of fatigue.’ Ravinder.

Parts Field Therapy uses a mind-body-energy healing methodology that rebalances ones own energetic flow throughout the body, at a cellular, genetic, energy level resolving unconscious conflicts, and removing blocks to healing through the body’s own energy field.


‘We have successfully helped clients deal with the challenges in their lives, enabling them to change, to grow, to overcome emotional obstacles and ultimately to achieve their personal goals.’

Our aim in setting up azure was to offer not only our own skills but also - in recognition of our clients’ broad range of needs - those skills of a select group of associates. Through these associates, azure clients can also access other life enhancing complementary therapies including: Parts Field Therapy, Thought Field Therapy, Ancestral Clearings, Negative Energy Release Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, Reiki Healing and other Holistic therapies.

Based in Chatham, North Kent, we are a complementary therapy practice that offers our clients a relaxing environment for all our therapies, wherein our clients are treated in comfortable, warm surroundings with each consultation being held in the strictest of confidence. All our therapists adhere to a professional code of conduct and the aim is to give you the highest quality of professional treatments that will benefit your overall wellbeing.


azure associates

Charles Stone TFTdx PFTrx
Charles has greatly contributed to azure. Not only does he bring with him a vast knowledge base gained in complementary therapies ranging from Thought Field Therapy (TFT) where he is a Diagnostic Practitioner and Licensed TFT Algorithm Trainer; but also Advanced Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy; TIR (Trauma) Counselling; NLP; Stress Consultant; Klinghardt Kinesiology and Reiki Master/Teacher. Charles has worked along side Ravinder in developing Parts Field Therapy.



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